How to Minimize Your A/C Costs and Live Comfortably?

Air Conditioning accounts for approximately 55 percent of the energy used in your home unless you do not use your A/C. This is one of the biggest energy expenses in your dwelling.  It is time to evaluate your Air Conditioning System and find ways that may save you money on your monthly electric bill. Safe Homes Environmental Consultants has developed a program to help Decrease your air-conditioning prices without being uncomfortable in your dwelling. If you purchase a device that is too big for the space, it is going to have to work much harder and wind up costing you more money.AIR CONDITIONER

  1. Install a Thermostat that is programmable. This will help you control your electric bill. If you begin programming your thermostat, you can start saving 3 to 5 percent on your electrical bill. By simply programming it for times when you are going to work, getting up, sleeping or on vacation; you will save money.
  2. Update you’re an orca unit into a more efficient units on the market that includes a higher SEER value. Make sure it is an efficiency rating of greater than 13 or greater. A higher rated unit will save you money immediately in your Energy bill. These newer units can save you up to 30 percent on your air-conditioning bill over an older unit and have a peek at these guys. This can be a significant savings for you. The older the device, the more you will save on your A orca expenses.
  3. Clean your A/C Units coil should they have mould and dirt. Meld And Algae can grow in your unit’s coils. This can reduce the efficiency of your unit and cost you more money for your electrical costs. Maintenance is extremely important to keep your HVAC unit running efficiently to save you money.
  4. Change your filter each month. It is Important to change it because There will be times that the filter is dirtier than other times. This is not a gauge but habits to get into that will help save you money. The positive side of this, it assists with the maintenance of your HVAC system. If you do not change the filters, the Unit will get contaminated and then develop mildew and Algae.

Changing your filter also restricts the quantity of dust and dirt which will help clog the HVAC System; this affects the efficiency of your unit. There’s no need to sacrifice your families comfort if you follow these tips. As always, if you are experiencing any sort of mechanical difficulties, call your regional A/c a Contractor to correct it and support your device to keep it in tip top shape.