Compressed Air Tanks – Taking You to New Levels of Performance

CO2 has generally been the gas wellspring of decision since the beginning of paintball. The idea acquired from bb firearms and air guns, paintball weapons started utilizing CO2 as 12 gram dispensable cartridges. Before long refillable CO2 tanks entered the scene, making the game increasingly reasonable and agreeable. Despite the fact that CO2 has done a great deal for paintball, it is not without its downsides. At the point when a CO2 tank is filled, it is done as such with fluid CO2. All together for the fluid to be a usable air source it must be changed over into a gas to control the marker. This transformation requires warm vitality or warmth. This is the motivation behind why paintball firearms and bb weapons that utilization CO2 will get cold when shooting. At the point when the marker gets cold and warmth is less accessible, the change from fluid to gas might be fragmented. This can permit fluid CO2 to enter the internals of the marker causing freeze-ups and irregularities in working weight, separation and exactness.


Compressed air, otherwise known as Nitrogen, is the other essential fuel in paintball today. In contrast to CO2, a compressed air paintball tank is loaded up with typical air. They are now and then called ‘Nitro’ tanks simply because the air we inhale is essentially comprised of nitrogen. A nitrogen paintball tank is made with unique materials and intended to store high weight. A standard CO2 tank will hold 850 psi of weight. A compressed air tank can hold either 3000 or 4500 psi of air, contingent upon the model that you pick dau may nen khi truc vit. A unique compressor is utilized to fill a nitrogen tank. They can likewise be filled utilizing a save tank of higher weight and a filling connector framework. All compressed air tanks have a controller introduced on them which brings the weight leaving the tank down to a usable level for the paintball firearm. Controllers can be processing plant set, fixed at either high weight (850 psi) or low weight (400 psi). A few controllers are ‘customizable’, permitting the client to set the yield strain to work with various firearms. Since compressed air is as of now in a usable structure, no transformation is essential. In this way you would not experience frigidity or freeze-up with compressed air. Paintball markers utilizing compressed air are likewise progressively steady in pressure and less influenced by outside temperatures. This all likens to in general better execution.